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Ice Cream / Gelato

Ice cream and gelato ingredients which are produced in Australia using fresh local produce. There is a huge range of bases and flavors to choose from.

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen Yoghurt is the latest phenomenon which is here to stay. “Froyo” is the healthy alternative to traditional ice cream for those who prefer a light meal or snack.


Benchmark provide convenience stores, retailers, cafes, fast food outlets and school canteens with a must have value add Whitty’s 99% fruit juice frozen drink range.


Find the most modern and sleek range of equipment for frozen yoghurt, ice cream and a range of display cabinets, coffee machines and fridges.


Benchmark can provide packaging for a number of places such as restaurants, cafes, shops and everywhere in between. Branded packaging is available as an option to have something your customers can remember you by.


Benchmark provide a wide range of fresh quality ice cream cones – from crispy wafer cones to waffle cones. Along with waffle accessories to make your products stand out to your customers.


A range of beverages are available to put in fridges which can be an excellent add on to your business.


Benchmark distributes an expanding range of health and wellbeing products for the thriving sector of health conscious consumers.